Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and people are busy preparing their costumes for parties and trick-or-treating. Today it is much easier to find a Halloween get-up compared to decades ago, and adults often dress up to look sexy rather than scary.

Over a half-century ago people used to put more effort into their costumes to look scarier than they were in real life. They had to come up with their own ideas and make them all by themselves. Back then, Halloween was much creepier than today as people had to make everything with whatever they had at home.

Check out some of the scariest vintage Halloween costumes that may send shivers down your spine...

Creepy Clowns

These three clowns look really scary. One has a black face, another looks like a court jester, and the third a blank stare.



This kid's face is painted as a skull, but he looks like he has more nefarious intentions than just trick-or-treating.


Smile Full Of Terror

This man has a big smile on his face, but there's something about his teeth that is very disturbing. And what's with all the roses pinned on his hat and jacket?


A Ghost And A Crone

The woman in the foreground is a hunched old crone. Leering in the background are two creepy ghosts.


Strange Juxtaposition

Maybe it's the skull mask paired with the Mickey Mouse shirt that makes the boy's costume so creepy. As for the little girl, she is wearing dainty Mary Jane shoes with a weird Batman dress and frightful mask.