Want nails that are out of this world? Then create these galaxy-inspired nails by YouTube user Kizzy. Over 2 million people have viewed this awesome nail art tutorial. The tutorial is all about layers and the sponge effect. It is surprisingly simple.

You will need:

  • base coat
  • top coat
  • medium blue polish
  • dark blue polish
  • light blue polish
  • black polish
  • white polish
  • glitter polish
  • dotting tool
  • tweezers
  • pieces of a sponge

First paint your base coat using two coats of dark blue polish.

Sponge on the white polish where you want your galaxy to be. Use tweezers to hold the sponge, but don't use too much polish.

Apply black polish to the sponge and use it on the edge of your nails.

Sponge on the medium blue polish on the edge of the galaxy. Blend it into the white area as well as the dark blue background.

Sponge on the light blue in the center of the galaxy and blend it with the medium blue. Remember to keep the lighter blue nearer to the center of the galaxy.

Use the white polish again by sponging it in the center of the galaxy.

Paint the entire nail with glitter polish. Make stars by using a small dotting tool or toothpick dipped in white polish.

Clean up your fingers around the nail by using a small brush or cotton ball dipped in polish remover.

Finally, add a top coat.