We all have wondered what it would feel like to be in an alternate universe where there is some significant change in comparison with the real world. The sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park offer us a great new escape. We may have watch some of these movies a dozen times and know everything that happened in them. But, what do we know about the making of those movies or hidden facts about them? We have brought some fascinating facts about one such movie franchise.

#1 The T-Rex Breaking The Glass Of The Car Was Accident

The scene in which the T-Rex broke the glass of the Ford Explorer was not planned but was an accident. Probably, that's why the screams appeared so genuine.

#2 The T-Rex Would Automatically Turn On


The T-Rex would occasionally turn itself on which would scare many crew members. Later, it was found that the T-Rex malfunctioned due to rain.

#3 The T-Rex Roar Was Made Using Many Animals

The frightening roar of the T-Rex that scared even the bravest of hearts for a second was made using a combination of dog, penguin, tiger, alligator, and elephant sounds.

#4 Ariana Richards Got The Role Because Of Her Screams

Ariana Richards got the role of Lex because of her screams. For auditions, she was required to tape her scream which was sent to Spielberg.