The next time you're in an airplane, look out the window during take off. You will observe normal buildings turning into small caricatures of themselves. Those huge structures transforming into small protuberances can be mesmerizing.

The moment you have reached a substantial height in the sky, DO NOT forget to gaze out the window again and have a look with a bird's-eye view. As the flight progresses, you will probably come across a variety of terrains, each portraying a different aspect of the world.

Following are just a few bird's-eye views that will surely make you want to fly more often.

1. Texas, United States

Serving more than 64 million passengers on a yearly basis, this bird's-eye view of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport seems like a work of art. Ranked as the 10th busiest airport in the world, the 70 sq. km stretch of this area increases one's craving for the ability to fly.

Texas, USA

2. Tokyo, Japan

This photograph of Nishinoshima, a volcanic island near Tokyo, shows what we actually we are missing with our inability to fly -- being in a plane just doesn't cover it. The active volcano on this island has led to an increment in the area of the island from 0.06 sq. km to 2.3 sq. km in a frame of about two years.

Tokyo, Japan

3. Panama City, Panama

The capital of Panama is a modern city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the man-made Panama Canal.