Soviet Union Star Vandalized, Made To Look Like Patrick From 'SpongeBob'

A star on the tower from the Soviet regime in Russia was vandalized by someone drawing designs on it to make it look like Patrick from SpongeBob, Square Pants.

According to Morning News USA, the vandalism happened in the city of Voronezh, and the photo of the star has since gone viral on social media. Police have been searching for the vandal(s) and say that whoever was responsible for this could end up serving a 15-day detention. In order for the star to be restored, it will cost an estimated $1,500.


Although there are several former Soviet Republics that would take pride in destroying or defacing these structures, this is the first time that someone has gotten so "creative."

"Talking about the latest vandalism, a poll was conducted under the photo in one of Voronezh online platform. The poll showed that majority of people, almost 60 percent, found the act to be funny. But there were 39 percent of people, the poll showed, who believed that it was an act of vandalism and those who did it must be punished. The number of people who called it an act of vandalism, although less, obviously fall within the group who were still nostalgic about the Soviet empire," reports Morning News USA.


As you can see in the photo above, the star makes the perfect Patrick. Not only is it the right color, but the eyes that were drawn coupled with the swim trunks allow for very little misinterpretation.

The particular location of this vandalized star was not considered to be a memorial of any kind. The building did, however, still have Soviet symbols on it.

It does appear as though someone needed to climb to the top of this tower to vandalize the star. It was indeed a dangerous feat, but it was done nonetheless.


Do you think that police will be able to locate the person or persons responsible for this act? Do you think that the vandals should be held accountable? Is a 15-day detention a good punishment or should these vandals be forced to pay $1,5000 if they are caught?

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