Polyamory is the practice of being in an intimate relationship with more than one partner, where all partners involved know and consent to being intimate with one another. The idea of polyamory has been around for centuries, and although it's still frowned upon and illegal in over 75% of the world, people are still practicing it and looking for this kind of relationship to be recognized.

Unlike polygamy, where one man (usually a Mormon) can marry multiple women, polyamory has no gender boundaries. Polyamory is, more specifically, people who are against the idea of monogamy and are involved in open relationships.

Many pansexuals -- those open to romantic and sexual relationships with others regardless of their gender identity -- are polyamorists.

It is estimated that over half a million polyamouros relationships exist in the United States as of July 2009.

Although many supporters seem happy, polyamory is not for everyone, and there are a lot of people who regret their decisions to enter into open relationships...

"I regret letting our relationship be poly. Now I'm stuck."

"Until I met him I was certain I was polyamorous. I feel like I'm betraying my team but I'm so happy with my boyfriend."

"I was in a poly relationship. I was the girlfriend they are married. I am so envious of him having her. She is literally the love of my life and he treats her like crap. If only I had met her sooner.."

"I tried to dating a poly man one time. I was a hidden secret from his other girlfriend who had a daughter my age. It completely ruined those types of relationships for me."

"I thought I was poly but I only crave another relationship when things are bad. I'm just an attention whore. UGH"