Sex is a big part of every marriage, and as the years go by that original spark that had you doing it daily when you first fell in love dwindles down thanks to careers, schedules, kids and other outside factors that can get in the way of intimate time.

As we age our libido can change, and there are plenty of men who require a pill to get the juices flowing; while some women lose a bit of their desire after childbirth. It's the fault of neither, and some good old-fashioned communication is key, but many choose the high road and would rather air their frustrations via anonymous posts on social media rather than explain what they want to their partner.

Everyone's desires are different, and not everyone is unhappy with their sex life, but it would seem that the majority are. Stereotypically, one would think it's the guys who want it more -- but that's not so.

Here are some confessions from married people, most of whom should seek help or at least open up to each other a lot more. Things aren't going to fix themselves if you don't say anything!

I am married and I don't know how to tell my husband that I want a more adventurous sex life.

I let my husband have sex with other women because it turns me on.

I wish my wife would ask for sex more frequently. I am tired of asking for it and waiting for it.