A New York photographer allowed 19 people to alter his photograph to demonstrate what a handsome man looks like in their respective countries. The freelancers (11 women and eight men) were instructed to do the following:

"Photoshop and retouch this man to make him more attractive to the people of your country. We are studying attraction and how that differs across the world. Multiple designers are involved, each from a different country.

"All changes, including those to his shape, form, coloration, etc., are up to you. You can modify any feature. We recommend against further covering his form with clothing as your submission may not be accepted."

NYPhotoNY / Via onlinedoctor.superdrug.com

A previous "Perceptions of Beauty" study examined the "sometimes-unrealistic standards of female beauty." It quickly went viral. This second study reveals that men around the world may feel even more pressure than women to look like the ideal male.

Scroll through the following pages to see what an attractive man looks like in 19 countries...