It might be difficult for you to get up early in the morning and workout before starting your day. Though we have advantage of exercising on technologically advanced pieces of machinery that can be adjusted as per the strength and need of the person working out, things weren't always so simple. Early exercise machines were extremely uncomfortable and painful -- sometimes excruciating.

Nonetheless, these pieces of machinery did set a path for later machines. Trial and error, followed by evolution, resulted in what we build our body on today. The leap in development is quite immense.

The pictures below showcase the simple yet unsafe mechanisms used in early exercise machines. Though they might have allowed simple workouts, they put the safety of people performing the exercises at risk of serious injury.

Though the depictions are way out of line in terms of safety and required a lot of effort to achieve a desired body shape, it is because of these pieces that we can comfortably work out in the present era without cracking a bone or two.

If these discoveries didn't occur, about half of the population might have been coping with obesity just like the other half is doing at the moment.

1. Building biceps

The machine appears quite straight forward, but the seat looks quite uncomforable. And what about back support?


2. The shoulder "friendly" exercise

This was a perfect way to strengthen ones arms. But for those who wore dresses, it was probably quite sweaty.


3. Chest, maybe?

This was a way to improve posture as well as achieve a better physique.


4. Cycling

Notice the pedals? They are quite unique. Again, no back support.