Making a terrarium is easy, fun and takes under 30 minutes to complete. It's the perfect project for a rainy day and to teach kids about nature.


Glass bowl
tiny rocks
cactus soil
activated charcoal
additional objects for decoration

Follow these simple steps to make your own creation:

1) Find a glass container from your cupboard or purchase one. Make sure to check out your local goodwill store. I found a new bowl at Marshall's for $3 (right) and another container at the thrift shop for just 50 cents (left).

2) Fill the bottom half of the container with an inch or two of small rocks for drainage. I went to the beach to collect the stones. I shifted out all the shells, which shouldn't be used because they can change the pH of the soil.

3) If your terrarium is sealed on top (not open like pictured), activated charcoal is a must because it prevents odor and mold and removes toxins. It can be purchased in small amounts on Etsy. Put the charcoal on top of the rocks before adding the soil. I bought Sun Gro Horticulture Black Gold Cactus Mix on for $4.99.

4) Insert the succulents into the soil, making sure their roots are covered, and water gently. I found the cacti at Home Depot and Ikea for about $3 each.

5) Add any decorations you like -- miniature figures, rocks, moss, etc. I found the pretty blue-colored glass on Etsy ($2.50) and some moss from my front yard.

The total cost for my two terrariums was under $20. And I have plenty of soil left to create more projects!

Close ups: