Christopher Reeve's son, Will Reeve, was among 50,000 runners in the TCS New York City Marathon that took place on Sunday. The 24-year-old competed for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. According to the New York Post, Reeve (who works as a sports reporter for ESPN) raised $38,000 for the charity. His original goal was set at $35,000, and now he hopes that additional donations will take him to $40,000.

Not unlike most marathon runners, Reeve struggled along the course at times.

"My legs were locked up, and I couldn't bend my knees," Reeve said, hitting his "wall" around the 19-mile mark. He said that he found inspiration and motivation to keep running by thinking about why he was competing. "There was no way I was not going to finish. Not with the Reeve Foundation emblem on my chest," he said.

Reeve finished the marathon in 4 hours and 36 minutes. He wore a bright orange shirt that read "Team Reeve." Will said that he received tons of support, and people were cheering for him once they read his shirt and found out who he was.

"It made a huge difference because strangers were calling out my name and urging me on. In every borough, there were people clapping and cheering," he said.

Will Reeve/Twitter

Reeve said that he constantly thought about his parents throughout the race, wishing they were both alive to watch him compete. Actor Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in a horse-riding accident in 1995. Nine years later, he suffered a massive heart attack and died. His wife, Dana, died 17 months later after a battle with lung cancer.

Will, an only child, was raised by extended family. That family was out in full force on Sunday, supporting Will every step of the way.

"My family was dotted around the route, and it was very emotional every time I saw them. They kept me going," he explained.

The one thing that Will couldn't wait to do after completing the race? Enjoy a nice cold beer! "I kept telling myself I'd have a beer as soon as it was over," he said.