There are some things that are gross to do in front of other people. There are certain things that everyone does but should not do while others are around, not even in front of a best friend. And you should never, ever do certain things in front of your partner especially when you are in a new relationship.

But there comes point in every long-term relationship when this invisible wall falls, and there is nothing left to hide. You can be your true self and need not fear if your partner will judge you. You wouldn't dare burp on your first date, but when you get super comfortable in your relationship, you start doing things that are much worse.

Here are some of the gross things you do in super comfortable relationships:

#1 You Stop Shaving And/Or Waxing

Sure, after shaving or waxing you feel good, but it's such a tedious exercise. And probably that's the reason why when you are in a super comfortable relationship, you may skip these grooming habits from time to time.

#2 You Fart In Front Of Your Partner

You try your best to avoid farting in front of people. You may hold the gas for hours when you are in public. But you become carefree in front of your partner. There comes a time that they may even guess what you had for lunch from the smell.


#3 You Make Out Even When You're Sweaty After A Workout

When you are totally drenched in sweat after working out, your gym buddy may not even give you a handshake or a fist bump while departing. But in a super comfortable relationship, you may hug (or more) without being grossed out.