Jimmy Nelson is a British photojournalist who spent three years exploring the most remote places on earth. He documented and captured incredible images of some of the last remaining tribes on this planet.

In his book, he reveals the lives and traditions of these remote and indigenous tribes, who have managed to preserve their traditional ways and customs within our increasingly globalized world. He spent about two weeks with each tribe and learned even the smallest details about their culture and surroundings.

Check out some of the mind-boggling portraits of the world's most fascinating remote tribes:

#1 Asaro Tribe

The people in Asaro tribe are also known as Asaro Mudmen. The tribe is located in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. According to legend, this tribe was defeated by an enemy tribe and was forced to flee to Asaro River. During their escape in dusk, their mud-covered bodies made them appear as spirits, which chased away their enemies. Even today, they scare people by covering their bodies with mud and wearing masks.


Wikimedia Commons

#2 Maasai Tribe

Located in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, the people of the Maasai tribe are of Nilotic ethnicity. Maasai boys are groomed from a young age to become warriors. A warrior is given the role to protect the livestock from predator animals and outside people. All men are responsible for their family's safety.