Ah, the fun of family photos. Capturing fond memories to be cherished in the future. The love, the tenderness, preserved for years to come. The smiles, the laughter, oft to be remembered. The inner-cringing and teeming awkwardness, never to be escaped.

Well, for some it doesn't always go well...

There are tons of awkward family photos out there, but some of them have a fun twist. 'Tis the season for awkward Halloween photos! Yeah, you wish you still had that mask or that makeup to hide your face when these babies see the light of day. And it won't be able to cover up the scars on your soul, those are there for good. Hopefully it's not so bad that any mention of Halloween send you spiraling into a Beauty and the Beast-themed panic (you'll see).

Hopefully you'll be able to look back and smile.

And hopefully, you're looking at other people's awkward Halloween photos on the internet.

1. What's up with Mrs. Potts' nose... that is her nose, right?


2. We're not actually sure what's going on here.


3. Granny is looking very... Hawaiian.


4. Oh! Because that's not disturbing at all.


5. Farm animals. Alrighty then.