Every picture may be worth a thousand words, but there are sometimes exceptions to that rule, mainly in the case of the photo being snapped just before something bad happens, eliciting many of the same few words from just about everyone.

With the information age in full swing and social media playing a huge role in everyone's lives, it's a good bet that three to six words are probably the most uttered out of that thousand, and even those merely uttered with just letters: "OMG" and "WTF".

We all experience embarrassment from time to time, but nothing like many of the people in the following photographs experienced. In fact, a few probably experienced extreme pain (and one even experienced death, not including the seal). One probably won't be able to procreate any longer, one probably needs a new windshield (at least) and several probably ended up in the hospital with road rash and broken bones.

With the exception of one or two of the following, you'll at least get a good chuckle...

1. Punch It!

Oh no! This is what happens when you're on a quad and you hit that throttle a little too fast. No helmets, either.

2. Go Kart Rule Breaker

And this is why all those Go Kart places have governors on the cars and the guy who gets the front car always wins.

3. Late Reaction

It might take you ladies a few seconds longer to notice this one thanks to Mr. Hot Stuff in the foreground. The funny thing is that the lady doesn't even appear to be reacting to it yet.

4. Don't Feed The Wildlife

We're not really sure what's happening here, but it can't be good. One guy's about to lose half his face to a leopard claw. And what's with the guy with the gun and in the motorcycle helmet in the background?

5. Safari So Good

Actually, not so good. It appears that the hunter has now become the hunted.