No matter where you live, there are always strange facts that seem way too bizarre to be true. However, there are quite a few odd things said about the country of China that actually are true! Check out these 25 facts about China that you probably didn't know.

1. You can't have children until the government says it's okay. If you want to start a family, you must obtain a Family Planning Certificate three months before you conceive.


2. Residents in Shanghai wear pajamas all the time -- they are the public attire of choice.


3. There are more than 54 million Christians living in China.

4. There is a dog-eating festival. While "eating dogs" seems to a thing people joke about, it actually happens in China. Chinese people believe that eating dog meat brings good luck and health.


5. There was a ban on video games and consoles including PlayStations and XBoxes in China until 2014.