Food etiquette can range from good to bad to downright ugly! Your dining habits depend on which part of the world you live in and the way you eat among others is determined by your culture and traditions.

While it's difficult to pinpoint any one truly "weird" food habit -- as what is good for one may be bad for others -- it takes a bit of studying and open-mindedness to understand the world and the different rules of etiquette in various locales.

As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do -- whatever part of the planet you are on, it is important to blend in to other cultures' habits and ways, not only to avoid looking like a tourist, but to benefit from the overall experience!

Sometimes you need to accept that people have what you would consider weird food etiquette and habits, because it's all normal to them! Rather than criticizing or making faces -- eat the way they eat and appreciate their culture and traditions.

Here are 20 things that you might find weird about the way others dine...

#1 Forget the coffee in Italy


If you have the habit of having a cappuccino after your meal, then forget it in Italy. Italians love to enjoy their food with wine.

#2 Burping's encouraged in China:

Some may consider burping an insult to your guest, but the same cannot be said in China. If you enjoyed your food, you may as well burp to show your appreciation.

#3 Ditch the fork in Thailand


Now this is little tacky, but that is how you do it in Thailand. You cannot use a fork to eat your food. Use your fork to place to food on the spoon and eat with a spoon.

#4 Tilting in the UK:


In United Kingdom, when soup is served to you, you have to tilt the bowl of soup away from you.

#5 Chop your chopsticks in Japan:


Never use chopsticks to pass your food in Japan. They use chopstick to pass the bones during a funeral.