The increasing traffic on the roads has made more people opt for public transportation than using their personal vehicles. Even though using public transportation can save you your bucks, it still comes with its own baggage!

You will often run across other people who can simply get on your nerves while you are traveling by bus, train, plane or any other public transportation mode. Their habits can be so annoying that it makes you regret your decision of choosing to travel that way in the first place, when walking, biking or taking your own car would have been a better choice.

Here are few of those annoying things you should avoid doing when you are using public transportation -- but we're guessing that YOU don't do these things, it's the knuckleheads around you!

1. Talking loudly on the phone


Switch to texting if you are a loudmouth as nobody is interested in listening to your personal conversations.

2. Scribbling on the public property.


We get it that some people like to scribble, but any public transport is not your canvas.

3. Sticking chewing gum under the seat.

Would you do that if it were your own car? Then why on a public vehicle.

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