Death is often considered as the ultimate truth of life. No matter how amazing your life was, it will come to an end, no matter what. Like they say: the only two things that are certain in this world are death and taxes.

Even though some deaths are considered more glorious than others, like dying while trying to save a loved one or being martyred while fighting for the country, there is still no real 'good' way to die.

However, there are people that prove that there are bad ways to die -- by their sheer stupidity or bad luck. There really is a fine line between the two.

Here is a list of weird ways that have led to untimely, yet legendary deaths. These will surely make you wonder how sometimes some of the most odd and ridiculous things can become the end of someone.

1. "Killer" Whale


Workplace accidents are not an uncommon phenomenon. Occupational hazards is something that we are all aware of. J Newman, while working at sea world, with his colleague, Brian Hartley, was at the wrong end of a crane carrying a 20 ton Whale, which got prematurely released, crushing Newman at the spot!


2. Axle Roads


Isadora Duncan was one of the more famous American dancer of the early 20th century. Known for her breathtaking beauty and amazing dancing skills, she was a vibrant woman. But, her penchant for going on drives in the countryside, with her love for scarves led to a disaster, when on a particular ride her long scarf got stuck in the rear axle, snapping her neck in two.

3. Worst Nurse


Ilda Vitor Maciel, an 88 year old woman paid for the negligence of a nurse with her life. The Brazilian woman was kept in a local hospital while being taken care of. A nurse technician made an incredibly unprofessional mistake of injecting soup directly into Ilda's veins instead of her feeding tube. This negligence led to a stroke that killed Maciel.

4. Hardcore Gamer


Too much of anything is wrong, even video gaming. A Korean gamer, Lee Seung Seop, left his job to concentrate on video gaming. While indulging in a gaming marathon in 2005, Lee played for 50 hours a stretch. At the end of this mammoth effort, Lee was hospitalized because of acute dehydration and died subsequently of a heart attack.