Working out regularly is a common New Year's resolution that most people fail to do. The very few who do manage to somehow enter a gym are so lost as if they've entered a new world. While you are trying to do your best, you just can't stop your mind from wandering off to some bizarre places. Here are some of the weird thoughts that many women have had during workouts.

#1 Let's Take A Selfie.

As soon as you enter a gym, the first thought that pops in your mind is taking a selfie. While you are thinking what a great post it will make on social media, you soon realize it's not an easy task to click a good photo in the gym. "Where should I take it? What will people think if I do it?"

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#2 That Old Woman Is Running Faster Than Me.

You are shocked to see some 60-year-old woman in the gym. Not only she is faster than you on the treadmill, but she looks likes she's in much better shape too. You shouldn't be surprised because many elderly men and women have been doing regular workouts for many years.


#3 Only 5 Minutes Passed?

While running on a treadmill, you are almost breathless. You're convinced you have only a few more minutes left and you will have completed your 30-minute target. And then you look at the timer. "Something is definitely wrong. It cannot be just 5 minutes."