Just about everyone has memories of watching a Disney movie or two as a child. Some of us even had extensive VHS collections of Disney films that are now considered classics. The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, the list goes on.

If you fit the above description, you might want to give Mom and Dad a call and have them rummage around for those old tapes that are now in the basement. If you've managed to hold onto any first-run Disney VHSes over the years, you might be sitting on a gold mine.

Old copies of films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Bambi are now selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay and other sites. Here are 9 classic Disney movies from your childhood that could help you pay off your rent or car payment as an adult.



Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a copy of Cinderella going for $2,500. That seems ridiculous, until you notice that 88 people were watching this auction. If Cinderella had that kind of money in the movie, she wouldn't have needed any help from the Fairy Godmother.

The Little Mermaid


Notice anything interesting about the artwork from this VHS version of The Little Mermaid? If you look closely at the castle behind Ariel, you'll see that one of the spires has an unfortunate phalic-like appearance. It caused enough of a controversy to cause Disney to cover it up when it was time to make a LaserDisc version of the film. A first-run VHS tape of The Little Mermaid with the original artwork could earn you a pretty penny on eBay.

The Fox and the Hound


If you have a copy of The Fox and the Hound with this exact artwork, you are a lucky owner of a copy from the Black Diamond collection. This series was Disney's first attempt at selling movies to home viewers. They are highly sought after as they often contain the film exactly as it was in the theaters, with no additional editing. Sellers on eBay are asking for thousands of dollars for these copies.

Beauty and the Beast


Do you have $9,000 lying around? If so, you could invest in the stock market, purchase a used car, remodel your kitchen... or you could just buy one copy of Beauty and the Beast on VHS, like this buyer did on eBay. Hey, you can't take it with you, right?